Inventory: Truss & Rigging



  • Global Truss F34 Square 0.5m
  • Global Truss F34 Square 1.0m
  • Global Truss F34 Square 1.5m
  • Global Truss F34 Square 2.0m
  • Global Truss F34 Square 3.0m
  • Global Truss F34 Box Corner
  • Global Truss F34 Base Plate 600mm
  • Global Truss F34 Base Plate 300mm
  • Global Truss F34 Base Plate 400mm
  • Global Truss F34 Book Corner
  • Milos Truss Base Plate 600mm
  • Milos Truss M520FTP Triangular Folding 1.6m
  • Milos Truss M520FTP Triangular Folding 2.4m
  • Milos Truss M520FCP41 4-way Junction



  • Milos MT2 Tower (up to 11m)
  • Milos M520F Sleeve Block
  • MT2 Outriggers
  • Global Truss F34 Tower Base/Pulley
  • Global Truss F34 Sleeve Block
  • Global Truss F34 Tower outriggers
  • Global Truss MOBILE220 Wind-Up Truss Stand
  • GUIL ULK800 LIne Array Lift (8m, 230Kg)



  • Chain Master D8 1-ton Electric Chain Hoist, 18m
  • Chain Master D8 1-ton Electric Chain Hoist, 24m
  • Toyo 1-ton Manual Chain Block, 10m
  • Chain Master 8-way Controller with Link Port


  • Galmon Scaffold double-width 4-rung frame
  • Galmon Scaffold double-width 3-rung frame
  • Galmon Scaffold diagonal braces
  • Galmon Scaffold straight braces
  • Galmon Scaffold working platform
  • Galmon Scaffold Heavy-Duty Caster Wheels
  • Scaff Double Coupler

Spansets & Shackles:

  • Spanset Polyester Roundsling 3m
  • Spanset Polyester Roundsling 4m
  • Spanset Polyester Roundsling 6m
  • Spanset Polyester Roundsling 8m
  • Spanset Polyester Roundsling 10m
  • Bow Shackle, 3.25 Ton
  • Bow Shackle, 8.5 Ton


  • Collapsible Platform, 1m x 1m (max 2.4m Height)
  • Collapsible Tower, 500mm x 500mm (max 2.4m Height)

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